Other Stakeholders

Dialogue with the Media

Media Tour to Japan

In August 2019, Seiko Epson Corporation hosted a media tour in Japan for journalists invited by sales companies Epson (China) Co., Ltd. and Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. Around 20 tour participants representing business, financial and IT publications traveled to Head Office and other locations in Japan where they had the opportunity to listen to executives like President Minoru Usui explain the company’s strategy to become an indispensable company around the world. In addition to interviews with Mr. Usui and executives from Epson’s major operations divisions, the participants also watched demonstrations of products including inkjet printers, projectors and robots, and visited manufacturing sites such as the PrecisionCore printhead production facilities at the Suwa Minami Plant. A lot of tour participants expressed their high satisfaction with the entire media tour.

Foreign journalists normally do not have the opportunity to communicate with the executives from Japan. Having been able to cultivate this communication was an important opportunity to get more stakeholders to correctly understand Epson. We believe in proactively engaging with the media to communicate the latest information about the company, its products, technology and strategy to stakeholders around the world.

Students and Educators

Design Internships

Twice every year, Epson offers internships for college students studying design who wish to learn under designers who are actually working in industry. Interns in the February 2019 program were given the task of coming up with “designs for leading an exciting life.” They were also given the unique experience of assembling a wristwatch movement as part of a hands-on manufacturing program.

The internship program gave interns a deeper understanding of Epson’s products, the value we provide to our customers, and the types of jobs our employees do.


Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Museum

The Monozukuri Museum within Seiko Epson's Head Office is a space with exhibits of historically significant documents and milestone products that the company has developed, manufactured, and sold since its founding.

The museum consists of a history area where exhibits illustrate Epson's history and an experience area that mainly shows products from Epson's four innovation areas: inkjet, visual communications, wearables, and robotics.

Products on display in the history area show off Epson's history of monozukuri and include the world's first analog quartz watch along with the EP-101, the world's first ultra-compact electronic printer from which the Epson brand got its name. In the experience area, visitors can experience products representative of each of the four innovation areas. They can, for example, enjoy 3D images created by smart glasses and projectors.

35SQ Astron, the world's first analog quartz watch
EP-101, the world's first ultra-compact electronic printer
BT-300 smart glasses with organic electroluminescence