Governments, Communities, NGOs/NPOs


Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Government Agencies

Epson is a multinational corporation with operations around the world. Epson aims to contribute to the soundness of society by building healthy, transparent relationships with political, governmental and supervisory authorities in every region where it operates and by avoiding improper relationships and other unfair activities.

Political contributions are made in line with company regulations. Epson made no political contributions in the FY2018.

Seiko Epson President Minoru Usui Completes Term as Head of the JBMIA

The Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA) is dedicated to helping develop the Japanese economy and enhance office environments through the general development, improvement, and rationalization of the Japanese industry for business machines and information systems incidental to them.

On May 24, the JBMIA held a general assembly meeting, executive board meeting, press conference, and award ceremony in Tokyo. At the general assembly and executive board meeting that followed, Mr. Yoshinori Yamashita, the president, executive officer, and CEO of Ricoh Company Ltd., was elected JBMIA president, succeeding Minoru Usui, the president of Seiko Epson, who completed his two-year term. Mr. Usui expressed his gratitude to various organizations and companies for their support during his term.

Seiko Epson, which assumed the post of chairing company in 2016, has been emphasizing three issues: building a foundation for leading the response to diverse environmental regulations, strengthening cooperation with overseas groups to respond to environmental changes that affect global business, and creating a stronger, more attractive association. Thanks to the cooperation of a host of companies, we were able to smoothly run the Association, expand the domain, and strengthen the governance of the Association based on the policies of the JBMIA president. We believe that we have fully put our planned activities into practice.

Seiko Epson, taking advantage of its experience as a former chairing company, will continue to contribute to the activities of the JBMIA as the vice chairing company.


Dialogue with Local Residents

Every year, Seiko Epson and Epson Group companies in Japan organize events to exchange ideas with the local residents of the communities in which we operate. We strive to build a positive relationship of trust with the community by cultivating a deeper understanding of our environmental initiatives and risk management system.